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Characters and Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Preview of Lessons for 1953-54

TitleCharacters and Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Preview of Lessons for 1953-54
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1953
AuthorsMonson, Leland H.
MagazineRelief Society Magazine
Issue Number6
Date PublishedJune 1953
KeywordsJesus Christ; Lesson Plans
The series of lessons to be studied this year start with Jacob, brother of Nephi, who with great energy and ability, gave a full measure of devotion to God. It closes with a study of Alma, son of Alma, perhaps the greatest missionary in the one-thousand-year period of Nephite history.
Between the time of the life missions of these two heroic figures lived many individuals, some good, some bad, but all interesting and educative. Class leaders should strive to help Relief Society members become spiritually stronger from the study of these characters.
As we begin a new set of lessons, we ought also to bear in mind that the dominant purpose of The Book of Mormon is to reaffirm and re-establish in the minds of men the fact that Jesus Christ is divine, that he was born of a mortal mother and an immortal father, that he is the Only Begotten Son of God in the flesh. A deep and abiding testimony of this truth is all important to us, for it provides an urgency of application of the principles of the gospel to daily life.
Class leaders should ever be on the alert to utilize The Book of Mormon as a means of strengthening the faith of all Relief Society members in the divinity of Jesus Christ.