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TitleChapter II
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1884
AuthorsWhitney, Helen Mar
Book TitleWhy We Practice Plural Marriage
PublisherJuvenile Instructor Office
CitySalt Lake City
KeywordsKimball, Helen Mar; Latter-day Saint History (1847-1893); Plural Marriage; Polygamy

The author discussed a number of her interactions with non-Latter-day Saint visitors to the Utah Territory, and how many of them came away favorably impressed with the Latter-day Saint people and overcame their prejudices towards women engaged in plural marriage. She also quotes at length from a non-Latter-day Saint publication which extolled the merits of polygamy versus traditional monogamy. Towards the end of the chapter the author states, "Though looked down upon by the world we consider ourselves the most highly honored people on the earth and console ourselves with the reflection that we will yet be looked up to and regarded as the founders of a superior system of Christianity."