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Calendars and Chronology of the Book of Mormon

TitleCalendars and Chronology of the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsGrover, Jr., Jerry D.
PublisherChallex Scientific Publications
City Tecumseh, MI
ISBN Number979-8-9890400-0-1
KeywordsAncient America; Ancient America – Mesoamerica; Ancient Israel; Calendar System; Chronology; Destruction of Jerusalem; Jaredites; Native Americans – Olmec

Anyone that has read the entire Book of Mormon, whether believer or not, will note that the book is heavy in chronological structure, from the various prophecies fulfilled after a specific number of years, to the continuous mention of nearly every year in certain periods. While the calendars within the Book of Mormon are internally consistent, it has not been apparent as to how these calendars correlate to events in Israel and in Mesoamerica. The book provides proof of exact correlation of Book of Mormon calendars with the siege of Jerusalem, the break in the siege of Jerusalem, and the final destruction of Jerusalem. It also provides exact dates and correlation for the birth and death of Christ, consistent with known Biblical scholarship in Israel. It also shows a direct correlation to a known date in Mesoamerica. It also provides an internally consistent Jaredite calendar that also conforms to known scientific and archeological data found in the core Olmec area. Also identified is a new Jubilee Calendar.