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TitleBYU Studies 45/2 (2006)
Publication TypeJournal
Secondary AuthorsWelch, John W.
Year of Publication2006
PublisherBrigham Young University
Place PublishedProvo, UT
KeywordsBYU Studies; Scholarship
In 1897, President Wilford Woodruff made an audio recording. He spoke of Joseph Smith giving charge to the Twelve Apostles, describing Joseph as being "covered with a power I had never seen in any man in the flesh before."
In September 2006, a rare set of engraved Roman bronze plates from AD 109 will go on display in BYU's Harold B. Lee Library. Two articles in this issue discuss the plates' unique characteristics, acquisition, and authenticity.
The Gospel of Judas was in the news in 2006. In this issue, six BYU scholars share their expertise and refute the claims made by New Testament experts that the Gospel of Judas undermines traditional Christianity.
In "Jesus Christ as Elder Brother," Corbin Volluz traces the historical development and use of the phrase "elder brother" as applied to Jesus Christ. Insights into this phrase as well as misunderstandings that may possibly arise from its use are discussed.
An oft-told story related to the Willie handcart company is that of an old man in a Sunday School class rising to silence criticism of leaders who allowed the disaster to happen. The story of that "old man," Francis Webster, takes on added significance when understood in light of information about his life and his sacrifices, told in this issue.
In February 2006, Patrick Bishop discovered what is believed to be an original daguerreotype of Oliver Cowdery. In his article, Bishop tells of the discovery and conducts comparisons between the newfound image and other likenesses of Oliver Cowdery. See and read about the promising results.

Journal Articles

John W. Welch, Kelsey D. Lambert | pp. 54-76
John W. Welch, Kelsey D. Lambert | pp. 54-76

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