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TitleBYU Studies 43/2 (2004)
Publication TypeJournal
Secondary AuthorsWelch, John W.
Year of Publication2004
PublisherBrigham Young University
Place PublishedProvo, UT

The years that George H. Brimhall was president of BYU (1906-1921) were fraught with financial problems and arguments over evolution, but an article on Brimhall in this issue shows not only how he dealt with those problems but also gave his students personal attention and impressed upon them their responsibilities as leaders. Next, Sally T. Taylor teaches about how she has learned about the "fellowship of Christ's suffering" through her own cancer and through teaching King Lear. An article about the 1912 exodus from the Mormon colonies in Mexico looks specifically at Colonia Chuichupa, led by Bishop George T. Sevey, and gives the story directly from his journal. In another article, a statistical study shows that chiasmus in the Book of Mormon and in the Pentateuch most likely does not appear by chance. Another interesting statistical survey examines returned missionaries' lives regarding the adjustment to postmission life as well as their later Church activity rates and family status.


Journal Articles

Boyd F. Edwards, W. Farrell Edwards | pp. 103-130
Boyd F. Edwards, W. Farrell Edwards | pp. 103-130