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Title"Brought to the True Knowledge"
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGold, Elias
KeywordsKnowledge; Moroni's Promise

The Title comes from Helaman 15:13, and speaks of the fate of the Lamanites at that time, and how at some later date, they will receive the fullness of the gospel. As a descendant of the Remnant of the House of Israel, I feel it is speaking comfort to me as a Child of Lehi. Knowing the trials that my ancestors suffered through and then reading that it was prophesied, these special blessings bring comfort to my soul, which is why I have a firm and strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Moroni's promise is specifically to me and my people, which really holds some great meaning to me personally. The image is of a Navajo man, the tribe from which I come, in his near traditional clothing holding closely the Book of Mormon. If one looks closely, his mantle and bandana are placed in a certain way that would only be noticeable to endowed saints. Another "remnant" of the truth. Simple, but it brings home the point, that this man is happy with the knowledge he has gained. In Navajo culture, knowledge is treasure, and he has found a mighty treasure indeed.

Scripture Reference

Helaman 15:13