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The Brightening Light on the Journey of Lehi and Sariah
TitleThe Brightening Light on the Journey of Lehi and Sariah
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMcKinlay, Daniel B.
JournalJournal of Book of Mormon Studies
Pagination78-83, 124-125
KeywordsAncient Near East; Arabia; Bountiful; Jerusalem; Lehi (Prophet); Nahom; Promised Land; Sariah; Shazer; Valley of Lemuel

Many Book of Mormon scholars have attempted to determine the course that Lehi and his family took when they fled Jerusalem to travel to the promised land. In his record, Nephi provided place-names and geographical descriptions, but that information is not sufficient to make conclusive claims. This article draws on the experiences and research of others to discuss the possible locations of the Valley of Lemuel, Shazer, the area where Nephi’s bow broke, Nahom, and Bountiful.


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