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Book Notice: Complete Concordance to the Book of Mormon

TitleBook Notice: Complete Concordance to the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1904
Secondary AuthorsAnderson, Edward H., and Joseph F. Smith
MagazineImprovement Era
Issue Number2
Date PublishedDecember 1904
KeywordsStudy Helps

This article announces the completion of George Reynolds’s Book of Mormon concordance and advertises its sale.

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"Complete Concordance to the Book of Mormon."

This is a book of 851 large quarto pages of fine print, containing a complete classification of the words of the Book of Mormon. The enterprise has occupied the author's spare time for over twenty years, and is the most stupendous task ever heretofore attempted and completed by any writer of our Church, ranking, as it does, with the labors of the compilers of Bible concordances. There is only one man in the Church having the patience, perseverance, and unselfish devotion for the work, necessary to accomplish such a prodigious undertaking, and that man is the author, Elder George Reynolds. When it is remembered that he did practically all the work himself, every reader will partly appreciate his prefatory remarks:

"Had I known the vast amount of labor, patience and care it would take to prepare it, I should, undoubtedly, have hesitated before commencing so vast, so tedious, and so costly a work. But having commenced, and feeling its necessity as a help to the study of the Divine work whose name it bears, I have labored early and late on every available opportunity-labored and prayed-until it was prepared for the press."

We say "partly," because no person unfamiliar with the actual work can possibly fully form a conception of the amount of labor involved in the preparation of such a book. The book should be appreciated and purchased by every person, and should have a place in every M. I. A., Sunday School, public and private library in the Church. Many students have waited long for it. The Concordance will now enable them to collect all the passages in the sacred book relating to any subject therefrom, which they may have under consideration, and that in the shortest time and with the smallest amount of labor. The ERA congratulates students of the Book of Mormon upon the increased facilities for study now at hand, but most do we congratulate Elder Reynolds upon the completion of the immense task, and for the wonderful aid and impetus he has given in and to the study of the Book of Mormon. Price, full cloth, $6.00; full leather, $7.00. Order from the author, or from the Sunday School Union, Salt Lake City.