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TitleThe Book of Mormon Needed
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1910
AuthorsBrookbank, T.W.
MagazineThe Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star
Issue Number11
Date Published17 March 1910
KeywordsAnother Testament of Jesus Christ; Baptism; Book of Mormon; Continuing Revelation; Holy Bible; Immersion; Infant Baptism; Intertextuality; Predestination

Brookbank states that the moral and religious principles contained in the Book of Mormon are akin to those in the Bible. The Book of Mormon does, however, contain new teachings. It specifies the proper mode of baptism, rejects infant baptism, rejects the doctrine of predestination, is a second witness of the Savior, stresses the terrible consequences of disobedience to gospel laws, and demonstrates the principle of modern revelation. The first part begins the series.