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The Book of Mormon Confirmed (20 January 1898)

TitleThe Book of Mormon Confirmed (20 January 1898)
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1898
Secondary AuthorsWells, Rulon S.
MagazineThe Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star
Issue Number3
Date Published20 January 1898
KeywordsAncient America – Mesoamerica; Ancient America – North America; Hebraic Indian Theory; Hebraisms; Mound Builders; Native Americans; Tradition

This five-part series gives various external evidences of the Book of Mormon, including the archaeological findings that “point to successive periods of occupation” in ancient America, evidence of Hebrew origin/descent for the American Indians, and the idea that there was an advanced civilization in ancient America. It also discusses metal plates and provides geological proof of the great destruction recorded in 3 Nephi 8. The second part discusses the Hebrew origin of the Native Americans.