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Axes Mundi: Nephite and Mesoamerican Temple and Ritual Complexes
TitleAxes Mundi: Nephite and Mesoamerican Temple and Ritual Complexes
Publication TypeVideo
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWright, Mark Alan
PublisherThe Interpreter Foundation
KeywordsGeography; Mesoamerica; Nephite; Ritual; Temple; Time

This study seeks to compare and contrast the temple and ritual complexes alluded to in the Book of Mormon with those known from the archaeological record in Mesoamerica. Although superficially they may appear incompatible, an analysis of their underlying mythologies reveals many conceptual similarities, suggesting Nephite worship and ritual might not have been wholly out of place in that context. There are significant differences as well, but these likewise serve to provide insight into the interrelationship between the Nephites and the dominant Mesoamerican culture within which they may have been entrenched.

Citation Key1863

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