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The Amlicites and Amalekites: Are They the Same People?

TitleThe Amlicites and Amalekites: Are They the Same People?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMcMurtry, Benjamin
JournalInterpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture
KeywordsAmalekite (Nephite Apostate Group); Amlicite; Critical Text; Translation

Royal Skousen’s Book of Mormon Critical Text Project has proposed many hundreds of changes to the text of the Book of Mormon. A subset of these changes does not come from definitive evidence found in the manuscripts or printed editions but are conjectural emendations. In this paper, I examine one of these proposed changes — the merging of two dissenting Nephite groups, the Amlicites and the Amalekites. Carefully examining the timeline and geography of these groups shows logical problems with their being the same people. This paper argues that they are, indeed, separate groups and explores a plausible explanation for the missing origins of the Amalekites.