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Title"All My Sins"
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMcLaren, Andrea J.
KeywordsAaron (Son of King Mosiah); Conversion; King Lamoni's Father; Missionary Work; Repentance
“Do you understand, that everything we have is required by God our Father, to be laid upon the altar? Is there anything that is nearer your heart than the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? Is there anything that stands between you and perfect obedience, to the will of God?” - George Q. Cannon
King Lamoni’s father was so hard-hearted that he was prepared to kill his own son for the relationship that he had with a Nephite. His astonishment for the charity which Ammon had for Lamoni helped him become humble and teachable. This wicked man felt the Spirit so strongly that he was willing to give up everything to know God better. And, when asked to offer a broken-heart he did so without hesitation, seeing the blessing of being called one of God’s own. (Alma 20-22)
Some symbolism on The Salt Lake temple that I love I have added to my painting: 
  • The Cloud stones; The gospel piercing through superstition and spiritual darkness.
  • Big-dipper; The lost may look to the priesthood…and find their way back to God. 
  • The all-seeing eye; God always sees you and when you need His help.