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Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJones, Krista
Description24" x 30" Oil on Canvas
KeywordsAbish; King Lamoni's Wife

I chose to portray the story of Abish at the moment right before she touches the Queen. Although Abish's story is a small part in the Book of Mormon, I find it to be incredibly powerful and inspirational. When researching for the piece, I made a list of several verbs describing Abish's actions. She saw, she ran, she gathered, she wept, she believed, she touched. I took these into account when creating this highly symbolic piece. Abish and the Queen are painted in dramatic lighting and suspense, and although difficult to detect in the photo, the crops contain hints of gold. Abish was painted on a 24" x 30" canvas in oil paints.

Scripture Reference

Alma 19:28-30