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TitleAaron, Brother of Moses
Publication TypeEncyclopedia Entry
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsBrandt, Edward J.
Secondary AuthorsLudlow, Daniel H.
Secondary TitleEncyclopedia of Mormonism
Place PublishedNew York
KeywordsAaron (Brother of Moses)
Citation Key9440

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Aaron, Brother of Moses

Author: Brandt, Edward J.

Aaron was a son of Amram and Jochebed of the tribe of Levi (Ex. 6:20), and a brother of Moses and Miriam (Ex. 4:14;15:20). God directed him to meet his brother at the "mount of God" (Ex. 4:27-28), and appointed him spokesman for Moses (Ex. 4:14-16;7:1-2; 2 Ne. 3:17). The Aaronic Priesthood, or lesser priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, takes its name from Aaron.

While the Israelites were encamped at Sinai, Aaron, two of his sons, and seventy elders accompanied Moses to the holy mountain, where they saw God (Ex. 24:1, 9-11). Aaron and his sons were called by God through the prophet Moses to serve in the priests' office (Ex. 28:1), Aaron becoming the "high," or chief, priest over the Levitical order (Num. 3:32). His call from God through a prophet is used as an example for all who receive any priesthood appointment of God (Heb. 5:4). He held the Melchizedek Priesthood, but as chief priest of the lesser priesthood he served in a lesser position equivalent to that of the modern Presiding Bishop (John Taylor, Items on the Priesthood, p. 5, Salt Lake City, 1881). Direct descendants of the firstborn son of Aaron have a legal right to the presidency of this priesthood (i.e., bishop; D&C 68:15-18;107:16-17), but such an appointment requires a call from the First Presidency of the Church (D&C 68:20).


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