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2020 Art Contest Gallery

This year's art contest featured artists from all over the world and of all ages, both amateur and professional. It was difficult to go through the hard work of all these artists and select the winning pieces, but we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Book of Mormon Art Contest.

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Erica Stenkrona
Gary Kapp
Israel Trejo
Scott Sligting
I Even Remain Alone (View in Archive)
Kamryn Brockbank
Alice Pritchett
Katie Payne
Aminadab's Conversion (View in Archive)
Cati Law
Book of Mormon Stories (View in Archive)
Amy Stewart Winsor
Elena Alvaro
Fatal Strike (View in Archive)
Leilani Hughes
The Vallley of Nimrod (View in Archive)
Jeanne Gomm
Israel Trejo
Darren Albertson
Nancy Andruk Olson
Alma vs. Amlici (View in Archive)
Katie Payne
Seantum's Fear (View in Archive)
Caleb Ceran
Caleb Williams
The Savior's Prayer (View in Archive)
Ria Spencer
Kristen Openshaw
Alondra Gutierrez
Gathering (View in Archive)
Margot Hair
Abish Escobar
Jacob McCarthy
Último hombre en pie (View in Archive)
Abraham Mena
Our Mothers Knew It (View in Archive)
Andrea J. McLaren
Niños pequeñitos (View in Archive)
Israel Trejo
The Nephite War Camp (View in Archive)
Leah Mizukawa
Prince of Peace (View in Archive)
Lily K. Andersen
Moroni Burying The Plates (View in Archive)
Brennan Miller
Nephi and Lehi (View in Archive)
Chloe Spradling
Franco Bettinelli
Lanconeo guía a su pueblo (View in Archive)
Patrick Escobar
El Fin de Giddiani (View in Archive)
Patrick Escobar
Maddy Miller
A Light in Darkness (View in Archive)
Ke’Nia Martin
Be Planted in Your Heart (View in Archive)
Matthew Jepson
Arise and Come Forth (View in Archive)
Matthew Jepson
Chelsee Berrett
A Cloak of Secrecy (View in Archive)
Charles Hacking
Rebecca Scholles
Mary Olivera
Conferring the Kingdom (View in Archive)
Kayla Bjorn
Light of Faith (View in Archive)
Alyssa Ellsworth
Behold Your Little Ones (View in Archive)
Natalie Craiker
The Jaredites' Journey (View in Archive)
Kali Zollinger
Untitled (View in Archive)
Mildred Flores
Hear Him (View in Archive)
MyKenzy Miller
Amos Escobar
Rebecca Rappleye
My Beloved Son (View in Archive)
Adam Jepson
Only a Visit (View in Archive)
Bryce Miller
Teancum (View in Archive)
Cora Whittaker
Captain Moroni (View in Archive)
Elena Alvaro
Samuel (View in Archive)
Mike Beus
Anastasia Bolinder
Sheridan Bronson
Rebecca Woodword
Mujeres hilando (View in Archive)
Gabriela Buenrostro
Untitled (View in Archive)
Santiago Santoyo
Palpad y Ved (View in Archive)
Abraham Mena
The Foretold Dispeller (View in Archive)
Laci Gibbs
Marcus Moore
William Stone
Kimberly Hansen
Shine Forth in Darkness (View in Archive)
Anna Kastner
Ashly Weight
Among The Prophets (View in Archive)
Jase Roberts
A Warrior's Prayer (View in Archive)
Hannah Loflin
Israel Trejo
Lamanitas vs Nefitas (View in Archive)
Israel Trejo
Hagot construye barcos (View in Archive)
Israel Trejo
Tithes (View in Archive)
Tannea Zollinger
Journey to aid Antipus (View in Archive)
Heather Newman
Go Forth in the Spirit (View in Archive)
Rodeny Stambaugh
Mormon and Moroni (View in Archive)
Melody Greenlief
Martha Vargas
César Gómez
César Gómez
Owen Richardson
“Third World” (View in Archive)
Marilyn Brown
And I Even Remain Alone (View in Archive)
Larry Prestwich
Behold the Man (View in Archive)
Hunter Evans
A Repentant Soul, Corianton (View in Archive)
Destinee Park