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2020 Art Contest Gallery

This year's art contest featured artists from all over the world and of all ages, both amateur and professional. It was difficult to go through the hard work of all these artists and select the winning pieces, but we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Book of Mormon Art Contest.

Visit the 2020 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest event page

Kamryn Brockbank
Amy Stewart Winsor
Leilani Hughes
Jeanne Gomm
Katie Payne
Caleb Ceran
Ria Spencer
Kristen Openshaw
Margot Hair
Abraham Mena
Andrea J. McLaren
Israel Trejo
Leah Mizukawa
Lily K. Andersen
Brennan Miller
Chloe Spradling
Patrick Escobar
Patrick Escobar
Ke’Nia Martin
Matthew Jepson
Matthew Jepson
Charles Hacking
Alyssa Ellsworth
Natalie Craiker
Kali Zollinger
Mildred Flores
MyKenzy Miller
Rebecca Rappleye
Adam Jepson
Bryce Miller
Cora Whittaker
Elena Alvaro
Mike Beus
Gabriela Buenrostro
Santiago Santoyo
Abraham Mena
Jase Roberts
Hannah Loflin
Israel Trejo
Israel Trejo
Tannea Zollinger
Heather Newman
Rodeny Stambaugh
Melody Greenlief
Marilyn Brown
Larry Prestwich
Hunter Evans