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2017 Art Contest Gallery

This year's art contest featured artists from all over the world and of all ages, both amateur and professional. It was difficult to go through the hard work of all these artists and select the winning pieces, but we are pleased to announce the winner of this year's Book of Mormon Art Contest.

2017 Art Contest Event Page

The Keystone (View in Archive)
Christian Joel Loor Pino
I Saw Another Angel Fly
I Saw Another Angel Fly (View in Archive)
Jorge Cocco
Brooke Malia Mann
2 Nephi 31
2 Nephi 31 (View in Archive)
Jorge Cocco
Moroni Delivers the Plates to Joseph Smith
Jorge Cocco
The First Vision
The First Vision (View in Archive)
Jorge Cocco
Brenna Miller
The Light Will Appear (View in Archive)
Jerime Hooley
My Peace I Give Unto You (View in Archive)
Ashley Gordon
Are These Things Not True? (View in Archive)
Mary Jane Smith
Tiffany Brazell
Touch These Stones O Lord (View in Archive)
Laci Gibbs
Moroni's Haka (View in Archive)
Andrea J. McLaren
Keep It Up Mom (View in Archive)
Buni Wilson Wilson
The Tree of Life (View in Archive)
Krista Maureen Jones
Tree of Life (View in Archive)
Donna O. Kearney
King Noah (View in Archive)
Fredric Ridenour
Even As You Do Unto Me (View in Archive)
Charles Eugene Russell
Do You Not See Them? (View in Archive)
Jessica Brianne Smith
I Knew Not (View in Archive)
Marcus Moore
Sariah (View in Archive)
Chloe Spradling
Christ and Child (View in Archive)
Abby Topham