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Honey, David B.. "Ecological Nomadism versus Epic Heroism in Ether: Nibley’s Works on the Jaredites." Review of Books on the Book of Mormon 2, no. 1 (1990): 143-163.
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Honey, David B.. "Paradigms and Pitfalls of Approach to Warfare in the Book of Mormon." Review of Books on the Book of Mormon 3, no. 1 (1991): 118-140.
Honey, David B.. "The Secular as Sacred: The Historiography of the Title Page." Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 3, no. 1 (1994): 94-103.
Honey, David B., and Michael P. Lyon. "An Inscribed Chinese Gold Plate in Its Context: Glimpses of the Sacred Center." In The Disciple as Scholar: Essays on Scripture and the Ancient World in Honor of Richard Lloyd Anderson, edited by Stephen D. Ricks, Donald W. Parry and Andrew H. Hedges, 19-65. Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 2000.