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Book Chapter
Godfrey, Kenneth W.. "David Whitmer and the Shaping of Latter-day Saint History." In The Disciple as Witness Essays on Latter-day Saint History and Doctrine in Honor of Richard Lloyd Anderson, edited by Stephen D. Ricks, Donald W. Parry and Andrew H. Hedges, 223-256. Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 2000.
Journal Article
Godfrey, Kenneth W.. "What Is the Significance of Zelph in the Study of Book of Mormon Geography?" Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 8, no. 2 (1999): 70-79, 88.
Godfrey, Kenneth W.. "The Zelph Story." BYU Studies Quarterly 29, no. 2 (1989): 39-56.
Web Article
Godfrey, Kenneth W.. Mormon Scholars Testify: Kenneth W. Godfrey. Mormon Scholars Testify, 2011.