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Book Chapter
Nibley, Hugh W.. "Subduing the Earth: Man's Dominion." In Nibley on the Timely and the Timeless, 95-110. 2nd ed. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2004.
Journal Article
Bowen, Matthew L.. "“This Son Shall Comfort Us”: An Onomastic Tale of Two Noahs." Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture 23 (2017): 263-298.
Magazine Article
"The Deluge." Juvenile Instructor 13, no. 5 (1878): 55.
Shreeve, Thomas A.. "A Sacred History: External Evidences of the Truth of the Book of Mormon, Chapter V." Juvenile Instructor 22, no. 9 (1887): 142-143.