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Nibley, Hugh W.. "Lehi in the Desert, Part IX - A Word About Plates." Improvement Era 53, no. 9 (1950): 706-708, 744.
Nibley, Hugh W.. "The World of the Jaredites, Part VII." Improvement Era 55, no. 3 (1952): 162-165, 167-168.
Nibley, Hugh W.. "Since Cumorah - New Voices from the Dust: The Bible, the Scrolls, and the Book of Mormon - a Problem of Three Bodies-Continued." Improvement Era 68, no. 12 (1965): 1080-1081, 1165-1168.
Nibley, Hugh W.. ""Howlers" in the Book of Mormon." Millennial Star 125, no. 2 (1963): 28-34.